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Americans remain uneducated in political, retail geography

Posted by Adrian on March 8, 2008, 67:39 pm

Cultural or educational critiques of America often cite studies which describe how, for example, only 17% of Americans can find Afghanistan on a world map. The average geographic literacy in this country is quite poor, but a new study points to a more pressing issue: Americans cannot even understand and properly use a mall map. I think the consequences of this problem are clear: if Americans cannot properly access retail outlets and spend money they probably don’t have, how can we expect to grow our economy?

It’s time to reintroduce geography and geographic thinking as a core curriculum in our education systems. Obviously.


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Iraq: 5 Years on, nearly 4,000 US dead

Posted by Adrian on March 6, 2008, 65:56 pm

I remember the foggy morning of September 11th, 2001 – and thinking that this tragic moment would largely mold the next 50 years of politics and conflict. It’s been 7 and half years since then, and on March 20th, it will be 5 years since the US invaded Iraq, the first conflict in which this country has waged a pre-emptive and aggressive war against a nation that had not attacked us. Another somber milestone is coming: according to Lunaville, the US military death toll in Iraq is approaching 4,000 brave men and women.

The economic and social costs of this war are nearly incalculable, but in the case that the war will cost $2 Trillion or more, the costs are better described as unimaginable. Sadly, all of this is not to mention the terrible suffering of the Iraqi people (here’s a link to documented casualties only), and the many implications that will follow from the devolution of American integrity and freedom that has occurred since September 11th.

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Chicagoan lengths to fight drug use

Posted by Adrian on March 6, 2008, 65:47 am

Trying to reduce drug use throughout the city, the Chicago City council proposed a measure to ban small plastic baggies less than 2″ x 2″. The logic goes that these bags are used to distribute controlled substances, and so they should be illegalized to impede drug transactions. Furthermore these bags often contain drug residue, which poses a hazard to children who might find the bags.

First of all, when did it become ok to restrict access to a storage medium? As the article rightfully points out, this type of bag is often used to hold buttons, jewelry, or other small items. Who is to say that they are only for drugs? Tom Fruin, an artist has in fact collected so many of these bags as to assemble a quilt!

The argument that drug residue poses a risk to inquisitive children who lick the inside of bags holds some water, but then I’ve got to ask – What about all those cigarette butts on the ground? There’s nothing stopping a three year old from picking up and lighting up a half used cigarette, or joint for that matter.

Just thought I’d bring attention to this excellent example of Poo-litics.

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Map of Barcelona

Posted by Adrian on January 28, 2008, 27:37 am

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Chersonese – as in San Francisco, Seattle, or Iberia

Posted by Adrian on December 6, 2007, 339:32 pm

A very interesting word. Essentially, it means peninsular – a strip of land surrounded by water on three sides, or with a small isthmus to the mainland.

Isthmus of Panama

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The Solution to Climate Change? Suicide.

Posted by Adrian on December 4, 2007, 337:37 pm

Following the premise of this article, which examines Global Climate Change conference based on their contribution to harmful emissions, I think I’ve come up with a solution to global warming:

Humans must cease and desist our practice of living

Most every aspect of our industrialized societies contribute¬† to carbon, nitrogen, and other harmful atmospheric emissions. Therefore, without humans – the central component of these systems – there would be less global warming.¬† So let’s stop beating around the bush with all of these climate change panels, laws, nobel prize winners and such – let’s get down to business:

Here are a few suggestions on how to commit suicide so that you do not contribute to global warming. And, make sure that you opt for sustainable burial (not cremation).

Come on people, we’ve got to work together on this!

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